Understanding Vehicle Replacement Grants in London: A Comprehensive Guide


Amid growing concerns over air quality, London is promoting various grant schemes aimed at incentivising the replacement of older, polluting vehicles. This guide offers an overview of the existing programmes, their eligibility criteria, and the application process.

Why the Initiatives?

Air pollution in London consistently exceeds recommended limits, posing public health risks. Replacing old vehicles with cleaner alternatives is a targeted strategy to mitigate emissions.


To be eligible, typically your vehicle needs to fail the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) compliance standards. However, eligibility can vary by grant type, so always check specific requirements.

Types of Grants

Scrap Schemes

  • Purpose: To take older cars off the road
  • Eligibility: London residents with ULEZ non-compliant vehicles
  • Grant Amount: Varies

Electric Vehicle Grants

  • Purpose: To encourage the adoption of electric vehicles
  • Eligibility: Must be trading in a ULEZ non-compliant vehicle
  • Grant Amount: Up to £3,000 off the vehicle price

Bike Grants

  • Purpose: To promote cycling as a cleaner form of transport
  • Eligibility: Open to London residents
  • Grant Amount: Vouchers worth up to £500 for bikes or e-bikes

Application Process

  1. Eligibility Check: Confirm that your vehicle fails ULEZ compliance tests.
  2. Select Scheme: Decide which grant suits your needs.
  3. Submit Application: Most applications can be done online.
  4. Wait: Grant approvals typically take several weeks.


The vehicle replacement grants offered by the London government provide a tangible way to combat air pollution. Understanding the different types of grants and their eligibility criteria is the first step in contributing to a cleaner city.

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