Company Tax Returns

Tax planning & annual meeting to discuss your tax requirements, thereafter we will also be on hand to advise you the dates to pay and give you reminders before the HMRC do! Our fee protection scheme applies and we will deal with all your tax. All HMRC enquiries regarding your corporation taxes calculated on your CT600, submitted by us, will be dealt by us, at no extra cost through our fee protection scheme. Corporation tax must be paid by all limited companies and any late payments will be penalised. Kudos would ensure that your CT600 form is filed and with HMRC before any deadlines so that the corporation tax is paid on the date it is due. Although most businesses have a 12 month accounting period it is possible set a shorter period if that would suit your needs.

Tax laws can often be complex and as a result overpayments and underpayments are made by businesses. Our service at Kudos will help simplify the situation and help to prevent any discrepancies in tax payments, potentially leaving you with more capital!

By completing a full tax review, our tax experts can determine the most efficient tax structure, which could lead to significant savings. Before we can carry out the service we like to get to know our client so we can understand the business’ situation. Having worked with many companies of different sizes we know that every situation is different and what may be best for one business could be detrimental to another. We have regular contact with all clients to keep them updated whether this be face-to-face, telephone calls or emails.

Planning and preparation is vital when it comes to taxation, your accountants at Kudos will have this covered as we will prepare accounts and tax returns. Being prepared will minimise your tax liabilities and will also allow you to make the most of any tax relief, tax losses and deferment opportunities. The quality of organisation at Kudos will ensure that no deadlines will be missed. Missing a taxation deadline can lead to penalties which could be damaging to your business’ finance.

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