Navigating the 2024 UK Budget: Essential Insights for Individuals and Businesses

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s latest budget announcement marks a significant shift in the UK’s financial landscape, introducing a series of changes aimed at fostering economic growth and stability. At Kudos Accountants, we’ve dissected the 2024 Budget to provide our clients and the broader public with a clear understanding of how these changes might influence their personal and business finances. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the key points:

Personal Financial Changes

  • National Insurance Cut: A 2p reduction in the pound for both employees and self-employed individuals is expected to increase the take-home pay for an estimated 27 million workers, with the government investing about £10 billion annually into this relief.
  • Capital Gains Tax Reduction: The reduction of the higher rate from 28% to 24% on property and other asset sales could significantly affect your investment returns and decisions.
  • UK ISA Allowance Enhancement: The introduction of a new £5,000 allowance for investments in “UK-focused” shares aims to stimulate domestic investment, potentially providing a boost to individual investment portfolios.

Business and Investment Adjustments

  • VAT Threshold Increase: The threshold for VAT registration has been raised from £85,000 to £90,000, a move designed to alleviate the administrative and financial pressure on small businesses, affecting thousands across the UK.
  • Non-Dom Tax Regime Overhaul: Scheduled to start in April 2025, the revamping of this regime will affect UK residents with overseas domiciles, potentially altering tax planning for individuals with international income sources.

Property Market and Investment Strategies

  • Changes to Property Tax: The removal of tax breaks for holiday let owners and the ending of stamp duty tax breaks for purchasing multiple properties are set to reshape property investment strategies. These adjustments could necessitate a review and possible realignment of your property investment plans.

Economic Forecasts and Implications

The Office for Budget Responsibility’s modest growth projection of 0.8% for 2024 underscores a cautiously optimistic outlook for the UK economy. However, the detailed implications of these projections on inflation, public debt, and living standards provide a nuanced picture of the economic challenges and opportunities ahead.

Navigating the Changes with Kudos Accountants

Understanding the intricacies of these budget changes and their impact on your financial planning is crucial. Whether you’re adjusting your personal savings strategy, reassessing your business’s financial planning, or re-evaluating property investments, Kudos Accountants is here to provide expert guidance and support.


How will the National Insurance cut affect my paycheck?
You can expect an increase in your take-home pay due to the reduction in National Insurance contributions, providing immediate financial relief to millions of workers.

What does the increase in the VAT threshold mean for my small business?
This change will benefit many small businesses by reducing the number of companies required to register for VAT, thereby easing the administrative burden and potentially improving cash flow.

How do the changes in Capital Gains Tax and property tax affect my investments?
The reduction in Capital Gains Tax could increase the profitability of selling assets, while changes to property tax regulations may require a strategic review of your property investment approach.


The 2024 UK Budget presents a complex array of changes, each with its own set of implications for individuals and businesses. With the landscape of financial planning shifting, staying informed and proactive is more important than ever. Kudos Accountants is committed to navigating these changes alongside you, ensuring your financial planning remains robust and responsive to the evolving economic environment.

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