Simplify Your HMRC Debt with New Personal Gateway Payment Plans

Dealing with HMRC tax debt? Here’s a bullet-point guide to ease the process:

  • Eligibility: Suitable if you:
    • Have filed your latest tax return.
    • Owe £30,000 or less.
    • Are within 60 days of your payment deadline.
    • Don’t have other debts or plans with HMRC.
  • Setting Up:
    1. Log in to your personal HMRC gateway.
    2. Go to ‘Self-Assessment’.
    3. Click ‘more details about your Self-Assessment returns and payments’.
    4. Find and select ‘Set up a payment plan if you cannot pay in full’.
  • Keep in Mind:
    • Unpaid debt interest rate is now 7.75%, so worth setting this up before the deadline.

Setting up a payment plan with HMRC is now more straightforward than ever!

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