80% Furlough Grant

Gov.uk has announced that 20th April is the launch date to allow us to make claims on your behalf.

As this is a catch-all email, we wanted to let all our clients know about the furlough grant

If you   are not  an employer or a director of a company, you do not need to read on.

If you   are   an employer and had to furlough your staff / be furloughed then our service will work as follows;

  • As an authorised agent, we will claim the grant on your behalf.
  • You may receive an authorisation code through the post – please send this immediately to hello@certaxdurham.co.uk
  • We will be processing these claims free of charge for clients who pay their accountancy fees monthly.
  • If you don’t pay monthly, get in touch, and we can make the change to your payment policy to ensure we can fast track your claim

How long will it take to make a claim?

From whichever date you’ve furloughed the staff, to 20th April, then every three weeks afterwards.

If you have employees (excluding yourself as a director), we suggest we run the claims to the 5th of each month and monthly after that. Organising applications this way will cut down admin time significantly and make the claims much more manageable.

If you are a ‘one-man-band’ with no employees, I suggest we make a claim when you go back to work, so it is one clean grant claim. If cash flow is tight, you can make claims every three weeks.

What do you, the client, need to do?

Send us the authorisation code. You will receive an email from hello@certaxdurham.co.uk on periodic occasions reminding you.

Please complete this form. It will help us process your claim faster.


This form will capture vital information to allow us to process your claim. Please don’t reply ‘you should already have this information’ as our data may be slightly outdated, and we are sending this form to fast-track client applications

I hope this all makes sense and feel free to get in touch if you have any unanswered questions.

Many thanks,

The team @ Kudos

Where can I find full guidance?

For bedtime reading, please see

Getting ready for the Coronavirus Job retention Scheme;

Full guidance on claiming the grant

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